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Kizzy's Christmas Single 0n Spotify and iTunes

17/ 12/ /2017

Merry Christmas!
Kizzy's Christmas single 'Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas', which was recorded with a live Grand Orchestra, is available on  
iTunes and Spotify


Kizzy At The Sponsor Dinner for Africa

01/ 12/ /2017

Kizzy was invited to sing and perform her poetry at the Special Maboke Sponsor Dinner. 

The event, organized bij Stichting MISA, will shed a light on the homeless children in Congo, Africa.

The evening featuring several politicians, speakers an artists will be held on the 2nd of December and takes place in Schiedam.


And The Winners Are...

28/ 10/ /2017

Kizzy will sing and speak at the Live Your Purpose EVENT on the 3th and 4th of november! 

The WINNERS of the free tickets worth

€ 697,- for the 'Live your Purpose EVENT' of The New Business Women in Brabanthallen, Den Bosch are Diana Willekes and Renate Koning.


Please contact for details.

Win Free Tickets!

19/ 10/ /2017

Kizzy will give away 2 tickets worth € 697,- on her Facebook page. The tickets are for the Live your Purpose EVENT by The New Business Women where she is one of the speakers and singers!

Location: Brabanthallen, Den Bosch.
* All you have to do to win a free ticket is to comment under this post en tag other women for home you think this event might be interesting.
* The winners will be announced soon!
* You will get your Purpose in Life clearly and get the courage to help or start your business and bring your life to the next level! Your path in life and business will be clear. Guaranteed!
* Link of the event: Live your Purpose.

Kizzy at Hoppe, Schiedam

07/ 10/ /2017

On the 7th of October Kizzy performed at Hoppe Schiedam.

She was invited by ORA Offshore Customs Consultancy to perform in music and poetry at the present event celebration.

Kizzy sang and recited her poem Supervrouwen for the businessmen and women present. 

Kizzy At The National Integration Dinner

01/ 10/ /2017

Kizzy will perform during the National Integration Dinner on the 12 of October.

It will be held at Yarden Rotterdam.

This  event with dinner and entertainment is free of charge. You can sign up through until the 11th of October.

Children are welcome as there is entertainment for them as well!


Kizzy On The Frontpage Of  Het Nieuwe Stadsblad

27/ 09/ /2017

Newspaper Het Nieuwe Stadsblad featured Kizzy on their front-page,  as is the initiator of 'Schiedam Steunt St. Maarten'. Check out this weeks newspaper to read all bout it!


22/ 09/ /2017

On september the 22th, Kizzy was the initiator of 'Schiedam Steunt St. Maarten', a charity event she set up to collect donations and goods for Saba, St. Eustatius and especially St. Martin which was hit the hardest by hurricane Irma.

The show hosted by Marco Spruit Bleeker aired LIVE on Popup TV and featured music artists, poets, speakers, historians, schools, politicians and there were even international LIVE interviews with Jonathan Johnson, the Island Governor of Saba, and Kingdom representative Gilbert Isabella.

Kizzy who kept the TV audience up to date about the donations ended with a tribute, singing the National Anthems of Saba, Statia, and St. Martin.

All donations went to the Dutch Red Cross through the notary who was present. The goods were sent to the affected Islands with the  collaboration of the Dordrecht Police Force.

You can now watch the entire show here.

An TV Update with Kizzy about Charity:

'Schiedam Steunt St. Maarten!'

20/ 09/ /2017

Kizzy is the initiator of 'Schiedam Steunt St. Maarten', a charity event she set up to collect donations and goods for Saba, St. Eustatius and especially St. Martin which was hit the hardest by hurricane Irma. See the video for an update on how things are going with the organization.

Charity for St. Martin in Tilburg

17/ 09/ /2017

On September the 20th, Kizzy will perform at the Charity Evening for St. Martin organised by Crovv, the First on- & Offline international business network. 

The event will be held at Villa De Vier Jaargetijden in Tilburg. See their website for more details and tickets

Video: Mr. Ton van de Ven, CEO of Crovv speaks and guest on TV Show De Wereld Draait Door speaks about this event.

Kizzy - Schiedam Steunt St. Maarten / Schiedam Supports St. Martin

Kizzy Creates the Poster for:
 'Schiedam Steunt St. Maarten!'

16/ 09/ /2017

As the initiator of the 'Schiedam Steunt St. Maarten', charity event she set up to collect donations and goods for Saba, St. Eustatius and especially St. Martin, Kizzy used her graphic design background to make the poster to promote the Charity event. 
The posters can be seen in all the big grocery stores and other public places in Schiedam.

"We will not abandon the people of
St. Martin."
 - Kizzy

Kizzy lounges charity event:
 'Schiedam Steunt St. Maarten!'

15/ 09/ /2017

Kizzy is the initiator of 'Schiedam Steunt St. Maarten', a charity event she set up to collect donations and goods for Saba, St. Eustatius and especially St. Martin which was hit the hardest by hurricane Irma. See the commercial for the event.

Kizzy is the Master of Ceremony the Dutch Caribbean Concert

14/ 09/ /2017

It has been confirmed that Kizzy will be the Master of Ceremony of the annual Dutch Caribbean Concert - Number 2. The theme of the concert, held on September 30 in the Nieuwe Kerk in the Hague, is 'Unity'.

The concert is organized by Stichting Cultureel Erfgoed Caribisch-Nederland. 

Kizzy's TV Oproep Voor Giro #5125 

13/ 09/ /2017

Op 13 september was Kizzy te gast in het programma Onder Ogen, gespresenteerd door Marco Spruit Bleeker. Ze vertelde over haar familie op de Nederlands - Caribische eilanden, maar ook op eilanden als the Virgin Islands die alles zijn verloren door orkaan Irma. Kizzy spoorde de kijkers aan om geld te doneren naar Giro #5125 voor het Rode Kruis en zong vervolgens een korte versie van de volksliederen van de eilanden Saba, St. Maarten en St. Eustatius - als ode aan de eilanden en om de bewoners en hun familie in Nederland een hart over de riem te steken. 

Video: Kizzy spoort de kijkers van Popup TV aan om geld te doneren naar Giro #5125 voor het Rode Kruis.

Dit om de slachtoffers van orkaan Irma op Saba, St. Eustatius, en vooral St. Maarten te helpen.

Kizzy's Poster

08/ 09/ /2017

This poster was made by Kizzy to show her support for the Islands affected by huricane Irma.

" I stand with Statia, St. Maarten, Saba and all other places affected.💔 Still don't know if our families and loved ones are all safe. Please help donate what you can to Giro 5125." - Kizzy

MAY 2017

Just Confirmed!

Kizzy presents new Kids TV Show

17/ 05/ /2017

It has been confirmed that Kizzy will be presenting a new Kids TV show on OPEN Rotterdam.
She will present the show with one of Holland's funniest comedians and TV stars, Quintis Ristie.

Kizzy met Quintis Ristie op Open Rotterdam TV

See Kizzy with Quintis in a previous TV interview.
Quintis interviews Kizzy about her music, theater shows, poetry and her career in the United States.

Kizzy at the Brasa Meetup Tour, Rotterdam
15 / 05 / 2017

During the Brasa Business MeetUp Tour Kizzy will perform as the musical guest at the event.

After having successfully performed in Breda she will return to perform in Rotterdam.

This event will take place on the 26th of May at the De Machinist in Rotterdam.

And the Winners are...
08 / 05 / 2017

The winners of the free tickets worth €397,- for the 'Live your Purpose' EVENT of 2017' organized by 'The New Business Women' where Kizzy will be one of the musical quests and speakers, are... Eva Jackson and Ascha Lachman! Congratulations, ladies! For tickets, please contact


04 / 05 / 2017

* Kizzy zal 2 tickets ter waarde van € 397,- verloten voor hét Live your Purpose EVENT van 2017 van The New Business Women waar zij ook spreekt en zingt!
* Het enige dat je hoeft te doen om kans te maken op een van deze tickets is onder
Kizzy's Facebook bericht jezelf en andere vrouwen voor wie je denkt dat het interessant kan zijn taggen in de comments.
* De winnaressen worden op 8 mei bekendgemaakt. Locatie: Den Bosch!

APRIL 2017

Kizzy in the 'Highly Exalted Palmpasen Concert!'

04 / 04/ /2017

The 'Highly Exalted Palmpasen Concert!' will take place on the 9th op April.

Musical director Chesron Ledes leads his choir on Palmzondag, and Kizzy will sing Gospel songs as well.

The concert will be held at the beautiful Saint Agatha Church in Beverwijk.

Kizzy at the 'Brasa Business Meetup' Tour
07 / 04 / 2017

During the Brasa Business MeetUp Tour Kizzy will perform as the musical guest at the happening in Breda.

This event will take place on the 28th of april in the Amrâth Hotel Brabant.

The Amrâth Hotel, Brabant

MARCH 2017

Kizzy sings Bernstein and Sondheim!

The video of the GZO Broadway Musical Concert can now be seen online.

25 / 03 / 2017

Kizzy sang Sondheim and Bernstein pieces as the soloist with het Gemengd Zangkoor Oosterheide at the Music Hall in Oosterhout.

Kizzy stated; "It's different than my own Pop, Dance and Funk music, but I've always loved musicals."

The orchestra was led by musical director Charles van der Veeke.

Kizzy's poem 'My Freedom Day' featured by CNN

14 / 03/ /2017

Kizzy joined CNN to support awareness against human trafficking and modern slavery.

CNN featured her poem as part of the #MyFreedomDay project.

My Freedom Day launched on March 14, Kizzy's Birthday.

Kizzy - My Freedom Day

© - poem written by Kizzy 

" To keep writing protest songs and poetry

To spread awareness through philanthropy

For we were all born with the right to be free

Now, that is what #MyFreedomDay means to me "

Kizzy at the Single Supermom International Women's Day 

05 / 03/ /2017

Kizzy will perform at the International Women's day celebration of Single Supermom.


Queen Máxima will visit this event

on the 8th of March, as she will give the start sign of the opening.
To sign up for the celebration, see the website of Single Supermom.

Kizzy at the Rosarium Women's Day Event
03 / 03 / 2017

Kizzy will perform at the Internationale Women;s day Event by Rosarium.
She will sing and recite her poetry and speak on women's rights and women's wellbeing.

This event will take place on the 11th of March at de Magneet in Rotterdam.

Kizzy at the Women's Day Festival and Power Awards