Merry Christmas from Santa and Kizzy from the Kerstcircus Ahoy!

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

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Christmas TV Special: Kizzy on Na Het Nieuws

Kizzy will return as a guest of this year's final episode of TV show Na Het Nieuws in their extra long Christmas Special presented by Dzifa Kusenuh, Sophie Frankenmolen en Samya Hafsaoui will air on the 24th of December.

Kizzy at the House of Congress

Kizzy was invited by the Single Supermom Foundation to perform at the House of Congress; De Tweede Kamer, in The Hague on December 18. The cause for the event is a petition to Dutch Politicians to aid in ending Children's Poverty in The Netherlands.
A deligantion of the foundation will be present in The Hague as well as politicians and the founders of

Video: Kizzy on TV show Na Het Nieuws

TV special with Kizzy as part of the Eurovision Song Contest Panel of TV show Na Het Nieuws presented by Sophie Frankenmolen.
Channel: BNN / VARA


Kizzy at Concerts Popkoor Prestige in Tilburg

Kizzy will be joining the Popkoor Prestige Choir as a guest artist in their two concerts on December 12 in MFA De Symfonie in Tilburg. Tickets: Prestige with Kizzy

Update: Both concerts are sold out.


Eurovision Poster.jpg
  • Kizzy's Tribute to Eurovision’ in Peanuts, Tilburg

    Kizzy will perform at Peanuts Tilburg with 'Kizzy sings; A Tribute to Eurovision'. The show filled with Eurovision hits will be held on the 29th of November.


Kizzy at Holland Against Hate

Event:  Holland Against Hate 
Venue: Malieveld, The Hague

Kizzy on Kracht On Tour


Kizzy will perform at Kracht On Tour in Tilburg.
The event for Women's Emancipation will be held at the Euroscoop and will take place on the 18th of November. 

For more information about the event and for tickets, see: Kracht On Tour.

  • Kizzy at Kracht On Tour in Tilburg

    Kizzy will be a speaker and singer at the Kracht on Tour Event in the Euroscoop in Tilburg. The event is on the 18th of November. More info soon.


Kizzy at Charity Concert Als Kanker Je Raakt


Kizzy will be one of the artists to support the Charity for those with Cancer Als Kanker Je Raakt
The Charity Concert will be held at the Breeplein Church in Rotterdam and takes place on the 1st of November. 

For more information about the event and for tickets, see: Als Kanker Je Raakt


  • Kizzy on the Na Het Nieuws TV Show

    Kizzy was invited to be a guest on the Na Het Nieuws TV Show on BNN / VARA channel 1 will she will talk about the eurovision Songfestival which will be held in Rotterdam.


The RTL Telekids Musicalschool!

Kizzy teaches singing, dancing and acting classes at the RTL Telekids Musicalschool.

RTL Telekids Musicalschool:

RTL Talent Academy:

Broadway Talents:

  • Kizzy at the Nieuwland LIFE Festival 

    Kizzy will be the Master of Ceremony at the Nieuwland LIFE Festival in Schiedam on the 14th of September.

Looking back * Kizzy - GZO Broadway Musical Concert: Bernstein & Sondheim!

Kizzy sang Sondheim and Bernstein pieces as the soloist with het Gemengd Zangkoor Oosterheide at the Music Hall in Oosterhout. The orchestra was led by musical director Charles van der Veeke.


JULY 2019

Kizzy | Cel Voor Cel & Fix You (North Sea Round Town)

Kizzy recites her poem 'Cel Voor Cel' (supporting the fight against Cancer) and plays 'Fix You' at the North Sea Round Town Festival during the Roundtown Gospel Sensation Concert in Grounds, Rotterdam.

JULY 2019

Kizzy | National Anthem of Curaçao 🇨🇼

August 17 is Dia di Tula, Dia di Lucha pa Libertat. Tula was the freedom fighter of the Island of Curaçao. Film: Guilly Koster | Event: Dag van Besef

North Sea Round Town


"Lovely audience at Podium Grounds
It was fun performing there for the Round Town Gospel Sensation by The Gospel Project event of 
North Sea Round Town.


Kizzy | Het Wilhelmus (National Anthem of the Netherlands) 30 Juni Herdenking

Kizzy sings the Wilhelmus, the National Anthem of The Kindom of the Netherlands as the first of eight Anthems she sang at the Remembrance of the Abolishment of Dutch Slavery Ceremony in Surinameplein in Amsterdam on the 30h on June.

  • Kizzy at the Remembrance Day Ceremony 

    Kizzy's performance of singing the 8 National Anthems for the Remembrance of the Abolishment of Dutch Slavery Ceremony in Amsterdam will be online soon.

  • Kizzy at the North Sea Round Town Festival with ‘The Gospel Experience’ 

    Kizzy will play the piano while singing her own composition and will recite her poetry as well. The Round Town Gospel Experience Concert is held on the 7th of July at Podium Grounds, Rotterdam.

JUNE 2019

  • Kizzy will sing the National Anthems on National Slavery Remembrance day

    Kizzy will sing the National Anthems of Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao, Saba, St. Maarten, St. Eustatius, Suriname and the Netherlands at Surinameplein, Amsterdam on June 30.

  • Kizzy will join the RTL Telekids in the musical 'Opa Brom'

    Kizzy will join and guide her students in the musical 'Opa Brom' by the RTL Telekids Musicalschool in Theater Aan De Parade, Utrecht in the mornings of the 22nd and 23rd of June.

Kizzy | Supervrouwen (Kracht On Tour in Maasillo)

Kizzy recites her poem 'Supervrouwen' at the 'Kracht on Tour' congress in Maasillo, Rotterdam. Presenter: Kirsten van de Hul

Telekids Musicalschool


"Proud of our students at the RTL Talent Academy and the Telekids Musicalschool.

They did an amazing job with the musical ‘Look @ Me!’ at  the Agnietenhof Theater in Tiel on the 15th of June.

Practise makes perfect!" 


MAY 2019

  • Kizzy opens Meiden Dromen on Mother's Day

    Kizzy will open the 'Meiden Dromen: Feestje voor Dochters én Moeders​' party for moms and daughters at Lochal, Tilburg on the 12th of May. Everyone is welcome. Sign up at

Kizzy | Curaçao North Sea Jazzfestival

A snippet of Kizzy performing at the Curacao North Sea Jazzfestival.

#Kizzy #NeverBoring

APRIL 2019

Kizzy | VLOG 2: The NN Marathon Rotterdam


A video impression of Kizzy supporting her sister at the NN Marathon Rotterdam. You can follow Kizzy on her youtube video channel @KizzyOfficial to keep track of the latest news.

MARCH 2019

Happy World Down Syndrome Day


"On this World Down Syndrome Day I send my love to those who I’ve taught in my music classes, those who have joined me on stage, and those who I have never met. May your light, your talent and your kind hearts continue to teach us to make this world a more beautiful place." 




Happy International Women's Day!

Kizzy channels Rosie the Riveter on International Women's Day.


HAPPY 2019!

  • Kizzy meets the team at the House Of Congress in The Hague

    Preparations have started for the 100 Years Women's Suffrage Event in the Hague. Read more details about the event on February 1.

Video: Kizzy at the Grand opening of the Lochal in Tilburg


A video impression of the De Grote Rebelse Tilburgse Voorleesmarathon where Kizzy was invited to read from the ‘Bedtijd Verhalen Voor Rebelse Meisjes’ (‘Good Night Stories For Rebel Girls') book by ROSE stories) at the Grand Opening of  De Bibliotheek LocHal in Tilburg.

  • Kizzy at the opening of the Lochal, Tilburg

    A recap of Kizzy's performance and interview at the Grand Opening of the Lochal Library in Tilburg.

  • Kizzy will present at the 100 Years of Women's Suffrage event 

    Kizzy is the Master of ceremony at the Women's Suffrage Event in the Hague.

  • Kizzy will read at the Rebel Girls event

    Kizzy was invited to be one of the Tilburg artists and politicians to read at the Grand Opening of the Lochal Library in Tilburg.

Congratulations to 'Best Actress' Glenn Close


"Congratulations to the amazing Glenn Close for winning the 2019 Golden Globe Best Actress

It was such an honour to perform with this talented human being when I lived in the United States and was the singer in the Winiker Orchestra. A true class act."

- Kizzy

Photo: The Independent

Video: Behind the scenes at the 'Rolantino's & Kizzy Christmas Concert'


A behind the scenes look at the 'Rolantino's & Kizzy Christmas Concert'. The Rolantino's is a Dutch orchestra of musicians with a physical and/ or psychological dissability that travers the world to play concerts. It is led by music director Annelies Kars. This video shows Kizzy performing for them as the invited musical artist.


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