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A quick selfie before my next voice student arrives.

While trying to smile for the camera, I think of all the administration work that I will still have do later tonight. Being a performer, poet, presenter, public speaker, makeup artist, vocal performance teacher, actress and writer is something I do with much love and passion.

Yes, I love my jobs.


The downside is that ever so often I have the difficult and time consuming task of filing many different sets of tax papers. Oh, the horror! Needles to say, this is something that I don't quite look forward to to doing tonight, or on any night for that matter.

And at the same time I am grateful.

Grateful that I have managed to fulfill my childhood dream, grateful that I can be independent, grateful that as much as this is a headache, it is my headache.

And compared to all the adventures I get to experience through music, poetry, film and other forms of creativity, this task is but a tiny drop, fading within this massive and wonderful ocean I call life.



"Oh, the horror!"


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