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Kizzy & Queen Máxima on Getty Images

DECEMBER 20, 2015 Queen Máxima of The Netherlands watches a performance by Kizzy during 'Kracht On Tour' at the Fokker Terminal on November 27, 2015 in The Hague, Netherlands. See the photos here on Getty Images. See the photos by photographer Michel Porro.

Kizzy's TV & Radio interview (video)

DECEMBER15, 2015 The episode where Kizzy is being interviewed on ZOS Radio and PopUp TV can now be found on Youtube as well. Watch the video here.

Kizzy in The Christmas Dinner Show

DECEMBER 6, 2015 Kizzy will sing in the Christmas Dinner Show 'Rap Meets Gospel' at LCC 't Klooster in Rotterdam. There will be several singers as well as hip hop artists, and the audience can enjoy the Christmas buffet.

Kizzy on Royalty site 'De Oranjes'

DECEMBER 3, 2015 Kizzy appeares on the Royalty website De Oranjes due to her performance of her poem 'Supervrouwen' and song with Queen Máxima of the Netherlands as the special guest in the audience of the Joke Smit award ceremony.

Kizzy at the Advent Concert

DECEMBER 3, 2015 Kizzy will sing at the annual Advent Concert at the Rotterdam Methodist Church. The concert will take place on the 13th of December.

Kizzy on Tubino Style

DECEMBER 3, 2015 Tubino Style is the Lifestyle & Fashion blog for the glamorous business woman. See what was written about Kizzy's performance for Queen Máxima here. And find out more about unique clothing brand Tubino.

Kizzy in X-mas Show Muzikaal Onthaal

DECEMBER 2, 2015 Kizzy will perform in Christmas concert 'Muzikaal Onthaal in Kerstsfeer' by radio personality and singer Rita Young in Vlaardingen. There will be several artists and the option of dinner after the show on the 13th of December.

Queen Máxima Sings along with Kizzy

DECEMBER 1, 2015 Kizzy recited her poem 'Supervrouwen' at the Grande Finale of Kracht on Tour and the Joke Smit Awards. She ended in song, and Queen Máxima of the Netherlands sang along. See a short protion of the video that aired on Royalty News TV show 'Blauw Bloed'. See video here.

Kizzy sings with Joany Muskiet

NOVEMBER 30, 2015 Kizzy sang with Gospel singer Joany Muskiet. This performance was in remembrance of her son, the late rapper H.E.L.D.E.R.H.E.I.D. who was known for his positive rap songs. This Hiphop Gospel concert was held at the Islemunda Theater in Spijkenisse.

Kizzy on Royalty TV Show Blauw Bloed

NOVEMBER 30, 2015 Kizzy recited her poem 'Supervrouwen' at the grande finale of Kracht on Tour and the Joke Smit Awards. She ended in song, and Queen Máxima of the Netherlands sang along. Read about it on the site of Royalty News TV show Blauw Bloed.

Kizzy on 'ZijSpreekt'

NOVEMBER 29, 2015 Kizzy got rave reviews after reciting her poem 'Supervrouwen' and singing on Kracht on Tour. ZijSpreekt wrote about her performance as well. Read about it in their review of the Joke Smit Award Ceremony.

Kizzy at the Joke Smit Awards

NOVEMBER 18, 2015 Kizzy was invited to return to Kracht on Tour and perform at the Grande Finale of Kracht on Tour and The Joke Smit Awards. This event will take place in Den Haag on the 27th of November.

Kizzy on Popup TV and ZOS Radio

NOVEMBR 5, 2015 Kizzy was invited to be a guest on Popup TV and ZOS Radio on the 21st of November. She spoke about her next shows and recited her poetry.

Kizzy at ArtAttack Rotterdam (video)

OCTOBER 19, 2015 Kizzy was the musical performer at the opening of the Art Exhibition of art gallery ArtAttack Rotterdam on the 31st of October. See the video here.

Kizzy at LiteRAR

OCTOBER 10, 2015 Kizzy performed at Muziek en LiteRAR in Spijkenisse on the 18th of October.

Kizzy and Lumiere at Ouderen Week

OCTOBER 5, 2015 In light of Ouderen Week, celebrating the Week of the Eldery, Kizzy was invited by Lumiere Studentenwerkgroep to perform together for the eldery at Laurens Maasveld.

Kizzy at Sterren van de Stad (video)

OCTOBER 3, 2015 Kizzy was the headlining act at the annual 'Sterren vam de Stad' event held in Schiedam. See the video.

Kizzy sings at Spinwiel Zuid

OCTOBER 2, 2015 Kizzy performed at Spinwiel Zuid in Roterdam.

Kizzy in Radio Documentary VPRO/NPO

SEPTEMBER 24, 2015 Kizzy is featured on the Vpro, in the radio-documentaire about St. Eustatius for the show OVT. This documentary by Pieter-Bas van Wiechen and Sophie van Leeuwen touched on the history of Statia. Kizzy sings the national Anthem together with her aunt Gina Breel-Dorbeck. The show aired on September 27 from 10 - 12 am on Radio 1 (NPO).

Kizzy performs at Rondje de Dijk

SEPTEMBER 20, 2015 Kizzy will sing at Rondje de Dijk in Rotterdam on the 27th of September.

Kizzy on LookTV & Radio Schiedam

AUGUST 15, 2015 Kizzy appeared LIVE on LookTV and Radio Schiedam. The show aired on the 29th of August, from het Stedelijke Museum Schiedam. Kizzy spoke about women's rights and read some of her poetry as well.

Kizzy at Swingin' Groningen Festival

JUNE 10, 2015 Kizzy was selected to perform at the Swingin' Groningen Showcase. Check outher show on the 12th of June.

Kizzy at the Loggerfestival

JUNE 9, 2015 Kizzy will perform at the Loggerfestival on the 13th of June!

Kizzy at Asher Muziek & Poezie

JUNE 5, 2015 Kizzy at Asher Muziek & Poezie On the 7th of June Kizzy will perform at Asher Muziek rn Poezie on the 7th of June.

Kizzy for Sophia Children's Hospital

JUNE 7, 2015 Kizzy will sing at the Charity for the patients of Sophia Children's Hospital on the 20th of June.

Kizzy on Djazz TV & Stingray Jazz

MAY 20 2015 Kizzy was interviewed by Djazz TV and it aired on stingray Jazz. She speaks about her musical adventures in the United States, in Curacao, and in the Netherlands.

Kizzy on 'Binnenste Buiten' (video)

MAY 15, 2015 On the 17th of May, Kizzy will perform her music and poetry at Podium Binnenstebuiten.

Kizzy sings Hebrew at 'Schifrah'

MAY 3, 2015 In light of Remembrance Day, Kizzy was invited to sing Hebrew at the 'The story of Schifra' Art Exhibition at the Belvedere Verhalenhuis Rotterdam. Holocaust surviver Schifra from the USA visited the Netherlands to attend this event.

Kizzy on the frontpage of newspaper

APRIL 27, 2015 Kizzy is featured on the frontpage of Turkey's biggest newspaper Zaman Vandaag! Read the online version of the interview.

'All That Jazz' with Kizzy!

APRIL17, 2015 On the 21st of April, Kizzy will perform and speak about Jazz music from back in the day to today at de Illustere School Schiedam.

Kizzy at the UNISCA/ SAMUN event

APRIL 16, 2015 Kizzy will be one of the speakers at the event of U.N.I.S.C.A. (United Nations International Student Conference of Amsterdam) and S.A.M.U.N. (Student Amsterdam Model United Nations), at the University of Amsterdam on April 18.

Kizzy sings 'The Prayer' (video)

APRIL 14, 2015 Happy Easter! Kizzy sings 'The Prayer' with Het Koninklijk Schiedams Mannenkoor, The Royal Schiedam Men's Choir 'Orpheus' led by music director Charles van der Veeke. See video.

Kizzy's poem published on SVP

APRIL 12, 2015 Kizzy's poem 'Supervrouwen' is published on the website of Schiedams Vrouwen Platform. See it here.

Kizzy sings 'All That Jazz' (video)

APRIL 10, 2015 During Kizzy's TV interviewed by Han van der Horst, she spoke about her upcoming Show 'All That Jazz' (Chicago) which will take place on the 21st of April. See video.

Kizzy's new poem 'Suffrage'

APRIL 8, 2015 Suffrage © - poem written by Kizzy Female voters won their fight And history they wrote My forefathers died for this right Since they got off the boat Countless tears were shed for this My ancestors have bled for this So I'll never forget that THIS Is why I'll always vote.

Kizzy in International Mag. Kreole

30 MARCH, 2015 Kizzy is a featured artist in International Magazine Kreol in the article 'Kizzy - A Brilliant Entertainer'. Read the article here.

Kizzy at the Political Debate

MARCH 27, 2015 Kizzy will perform with poetry and music at the Political Debate in Rotterdam which is presented by Stichting Rosarium. Read the article.

Kizzy joins LadiesRun & Pink Ribbon

MARCH 25, 2015 Kizzy will participate in the Ladies Run marathon in Rotterdam. Proceeds go to Pink Ribbon, the charity for breast cancer awareness.

Kizzy's One Woman Show: Woman's Day!

MARCH 7, 2015 Kizzy 's show with 'woman-empowering' poems, songs and lots of entertainment will be held on the 8h of March at 't Spul.

Kizzy at SVP for Women's Day

MARCH 6, 2015 Kizzy will sing at the Schiedamse Vrouwen Platform and she will recite her poem 'Supervrouwen' (Super Women) on the music podium of De Graauwe Hengst.

Kizzy performs at the opening of DIS

FEBRUARY 25, 2015 Kizzy speaks and performs at the opening of De Illustere School Schiedam. Kizzy was invited to sing and speak about her upcoming shows and appearances.

Kizzy's Big Success in Broadway Show

FEBRUARY 24, 2015 Kizzy entertained and sang Sondheim and Bernstein pieces as the soloist with het Gemengd Zangkoor Oosterheide in front of the sold out Music Hall.

Kizzy LIVE on Look TV (video)

FEBRUARY 22, 2015 Kizzy was an invited guest on Radio Schiedam and appeared LIVE on Look TV. She recited her new poem 'De Nacht'.

Valentine's concert with Kizzy!

FEBRUARY 11, 2015 Kizzy's romantic concert will take place on Valentine's day at de Bibliotheek Schiedam.

Kizzy on ZOS Radio

FEBRUARY 10, 2015 Kizzy was interviewed on ZOS radio where she spoke about her upcoming shows.

Kizzy at Stichting Rosarium (video)

FEBRUARI 5, 2015 Kizzy was invited to be a motivational speaker at Stichting Rosarium, and to recite her poem 'Supervrouwen'.

Kizzy in Broadway Musical Concert

JANUARY 28, 2015 Kizzy will be the soloist in the Musical concert with Gemengd Zangkoor Oosterheide on the 8th of February. An orchestra with musicians from the Oosterhouts Symfony Orchestra and Harmonievereniging. Oosterhout The concert is led by conductor Charles van der Veeke.

Kizzy will perform Muziek & Poezie

JANUARY 3, 2015 Experience Kizzy's songs and poems at Muziek en Poezie in Asher, Schiedam on the 4th of January.

Kizzy on Omroep Vlaardingen

JANUARY 2, 2015 Kizzy's interview by Rita Young can now be found on

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