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Over Kizzy

Kizzy is zangeres, songwriter, actress, TV presentatrice inspirational speaker, en dichteres.

Ze studeerde af aan het conservatorium Berklee College of Music in Boston.

In de Verenigde Staten trad ze op voor o.a. president Bill Clinton en David Bowie. Ook presenteerde ze TV programma's voor diverse Amerikaanse TV zenders. 

Na elf jaar in Amerika te hebben gewoond woont ze nu in Nederland. 

Onlangs droeg Kizzy tijdens de Joke Smit prijsuitreiking haar gedicht / muzikaal column Supervrouwen voor, voor Koningin Máxima. 

Kizzy is tevens de TV presentatrice van het nieuw kinderprogramma OPENBOEK op  OPEN Rotterdam.


Eenmaal in Nederland, studeerde Kizzy af aan de Nederlandse Beautyschool.
U kunt hier,  onder 
cosmetics meer lezen over Kizzy als makeup-artist.
Kizzy geeft eveneens workshops in musical theater en performance op lagere - en middelbare scholen, en zanglessen op muziekscholen.

*Deze biografie gaat over Kizzy's carrière als   artiest, actrice en schrijfster in muziek, theater en TV.


Kizzy were in Nederland geboren en groeide op Curacao op. Daar had ze als kind hoofdrollen in diverse musicals en toneelstukken op TV. 

Ze won ook meerdere kinderprijzen en talentenjachten.
Kizzy werd bekend dankzij haar theater shows, gedichten en muziekhits.

Het Nationale Song Festival

In 1996 she won the National Song Contest (CBU; Caribbean Broadcasting Union) and therefor became the representative of Curaçao at the Caribbean Song Festival in Barbados, where she finished as second runner-up with Song To Life a Tumba written by Errol 'El Toro' Colina and Joseph Hart.

Lamu Lamu

Kizzy's career took off with the success of the hit album Cocktail, Lamu Lamu, a number one selling album in the Dutch Caribbean.

Wie Is er Nieuwsgierig?

Kizzy also became the host of 'Wie is er Nieuwsgierig?', a TV show for kids on TeleCuraçao.

Berklee College of Music
The Boston Conservatory
Emerson College

Na de middelare school verhuisde Kizzy naar de verenigde Stated om Muziek, acteerkunsten, musial thearr, dans en TV presentatie te studeren het prestigieus conservatorium Berklee College of Music, at Emerson College en the Boston Conservatory. 

Before graduating Berklee College of Music in 2003, she was invited into the Dean's Club for her 'Outstanding Ability and Accomplishments as a Performing Artist'.

TV & Music in the USA

In Boston, Kizzy became the TV host for arts & entertainment shows on different TV channels, also appearing on E! and VH1.

She performed together with artists like Steven Tyler, Al Cooper, and Glenn Close, modeled in fashion shows, did TV commercials, and hosted public events.

President Bill Clinton

Kizzy hosted the Miss Boston competition and was one of the jury members.

During that same period, she taught performance classes, amongst others at the Arlington Center For the Arts.

As lead singer of the Bo Winiker Orchestra, she performed for Bill Clinton and at many other high-profiled events. 

Top 10 Bachelorettes

Kizzy has entertained her audiences both on TV as well as in the music scene, and she didn't escape notice of the editors of the Improper Bostonian Magazine. 

They voted her one of the 'Top 10 Most Eligible Bachelorettes in Boston' and Kizzy was featured on their magazine cover.

Kizzy was also seen with cameos in popular TV commercials.


After many years of successful concerts and TV shows in the US, Kizzy now lives in the Netherlands where she was born. 

In the Netherlands she recorded solo album 'Unspoken Rhyme'.

Later she recorded 'Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas, which was recorded with a grand LIVE orchestra.


In August 2013 one of the shows she performed was at the Curacao North Sea Jazz Festival.

Some of the other artists that performed at the Curacao North Sea Jazz Festival in August were Harry Belafonte, Diana Ross, Erykah Badu, Gladys Night, Marc Anthony, The Roots, Usher, and Paul Anka. 


Kizzy is a highly sought-after performer at many shows and festivals.

Since moving back to Holland, she has appeared as a host, presenting different events as well. 

Kizzy has hosted events such as the Miss Valentine beauty competition, International Women's Day, Goois Jazz Festival, the Kwaku Summer Festival, the annual '5 mei: Nationale Straatvoetbaldag' event in honor of Liberation Day, the Pearls of the Dutch Caribbean Gala & Award Show, and the 'Hands Off Our Girls - Serious City charity event at Het glazen Huis in Winterland Schiedam for Serious ambtenaar and Serious Request on POPUP TV. 

The goal of the charity was helping and protecting women who fall victem to sexual abuse in war-zones.

From POP To Sondheim

Kizzy's music collaborations in the Netherlands include her performances with the Wilton Orchestra led by musical director Jean Gruter and the concert led by Annelies Kars.


She has also collaborated and joined forced with the Royal Schiedam Men's Choir; ORPHEUS (Koninklijk Schiedams Mannekoor) and was the solist in the Broadway Musical Concert of GZO (Gemengd Zangkoor Oosterheide).

This concert, complete with a mix of a life orchestras and an ensemble of Oosterhout was led by muscial director Charles van Veeke.


Kizzy, who usually sings pop, rock and jazz tunes, brought musical pieces by Sondheim and Bernstein infront of a sold out musichall of Oosterhout.

Supervrouwen & 

Cel Voor Cel

Kizzy's comical theater shows with songs and poetry about women's rights and emancipation have struck a chord with her female- as well as with her male audiences.


She was invited to recite her poem 'Supervrouwen' (Super Women) at several women's conventions, and it was published in 'Kracht on Tour'.


As a motivational speaker she has spoken at women's organisations, including at the UNESCA - SAMUN event for students at the University of Amsterdamand stichting Rosarium.


Kizzy is also a regular at different poetry events where she recites her original poems.

She recited her poem Cel Voor Cel which she wrote to support those fighting against cancer at the Alpe d'HuZes Charity Event at Theater Twee Hondjes.

* Photo by Michel Porro - Getty images:

Queen Maxima of the Netherlands watches a performance by Kizzy during the joke Smit Award Ceremony.Minister of Education, Culture and Science, Jet Bussemaker sits on her right.

Performing 'Supervrouwen' for Queen Maxima of the Netherlands

Kracht on Tour, the organization for Women's rights and emancipation in the Netherlands invited singer, songwriter, actress, tv presenter and poet; Kizzy for a second time to present her musical column, her poem 'Supervrouwen' (Super Women) and sing a women-empowerment song at the Grande Finale and the Joke Smit award ceremony on the 27th of November 2015.

Kizzy appeared in the NPO2 TV Series 'Ondersteboven Nederland Jaren 60 - The Woman In Your Life Is You' by Kees van Kooten, while singing for Queen Maxima of the Netherlands at the Joke Smit Award Ceremony during the Grande Finale of Kracht on Tour.


Other invited guests included Minister of Culture and Education Jet Bussemaker and the Mayer of The Hague. The event was hosted by Petra Stienen and Kirsten van den Hul. See the TV footage with Kizzy here.

In 2016 Kizzy was added to the cast of the Let's Celebrate You! Theater Tour by Single Supermom as she toured the Netherlands singing and reciting Supervrouwen in several sold out theaters.

In 2017 Kizzy became the TV presenter of OPENBOEK, a new Kids TV show on OPEN Rotterdam.
She presents the show with one of Holland's funniest comedians and TV stars, Quintis Ristie.

Kizzy never fails to intrigue her concertgoers, using her unique style and performing background to turn each music show into an exciting experience that will only leave the audience wanting more. 


Weather, she is hosting a life event, speaking on women's rights, or her adventures in the USA, reciting her poems or singing at her concert...


Kizzy is having a party, and YOU are invited!

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