Open Boek - Open Rotterdam

- Ziggo digital tv channel 36 (& 37) // Digital tv on KPN, XS4ALL and Telfort channel 636, The Netherlands


Kizzy is currently the TV presenter of the new weekly Kids TV show Open Boek on Open Rotterdam.

She presents the show with one of Holland's funniest comedians and TV stars, Quintis Ristie.
Open Boek features a different student every week and highlights their favorite books. 

Hands Off Our Girls - Serious Request

- PopUp TV live streams, The Netherlands


Kizzy hosted the Serious City / Serious Ambtenaar event 'Hands Off Our Girls' ` (Serious Request - 3fm) event.

The show was created to collect money for women who fell victem to sex-crimes in war-zones.

It aired live from het Glazen Huis of Winterland Schiedam.

Dirty Water TV

- CN8 (Channel 8), New England Massachusetts, USA


Kizzy was an Art & Entertainment reporter on the weekly TV show Dirty Water TV.

She reported from Music Festivals, Fashion shows, art exhibitions and covered events as Dancing Under the Stars, Miss Boston, and The Beantown Jazzfestival.

Gossip Swap

- XYTV (channel 65, cable) United States/ National


Kizzy hosted Gossip Swap.

Together wth two sidekicks  she talked about the latest fashions, music hits and celebrity news.

Producer: Austin Shepard




- XYTV (channel 65, cable) United States/ National


Kizzy presented the VIP Hot Model Search, the VIP Jobs and the VIP Party.

These shows were geared towards generation X and Y and touched on popular topics through different interviews.


Wie is er Nieuwsgierig?


Tele Curacao (kanal 8), Curacao, Aruba, Bonaire, Saba, St. Maarten, St, Eustatius


Kizzy presented Kids TV show 'Wie is er Nieuwsgierig?'  when she was in Highschool.

During this show Kizzy would go on an adventure to answer a specific question asked by a kid in the beginning of the show.

This show aired twice a week during Atardi Hubenil.